How to Keep Track on the Success of your Instagram Efforts to Keep Growing?

Keep appealing the new buyers on your Instagram. All you have to keep optimizing your Instagram account and sustain growth by analyzing your success, repeating the actionable content and researching your target audience. You may use certain tools that can show up your important data to help you measure the success of your Instagram efforts. Here’s what to consider –

Optimize Your Posting Schedule by Keeping Track of Density

You need to figure out the times and days your followers widely engage with your posts. According to the statistics, the ideal time is Monday @ 6pm to post on Instagram. You may break down like 5 pm to 6 pm on weekdays. Your special followers might be unique. If you are appealing several housewives, they might be busy cooking dinner at around 8 pm and helping with homework on evenings. So, it is important to keep track on density. By knowing the timing of your followers, it can help you optimize your posting schedule and improve your comments and likes.

Find Loyal Fans by Tracking Your Reciprocity

With this metric, you can see which followers are connecting the most to your brand. See how many people of which kind like you the most, tagging your brand and commenting on your post. To keep attracting your ambassadors and getting more and more free shares from them, you have to know them. It can help you improve business relationships with valuable buyers.

Choose a Schedule to Post Consistently

Brands post around 6 images on average per week. You have to stay consistent on the feeds of your followers without annoying them. Find out the perfect time to engage with them by considering your density statistics. Schedule just 1-2 posts per day according to these time schedules. Also consider the traffic coming from other posts. You may consider posting on late night hours because this is the time when your post is less likely to be lost. When people don’t have too much to watch on TV, they love to watch some infomercials. There are more chances that people may look on your IG post when they don’t find any activity on social media posting. You also need to consider frequency. You can get more exposure by giving 3 posts on busy time than such posts at 3 am.

Save Your Time with Scheduling Apps

In order to give desired results, Instagramming takes lots of time, making it difficult for you when it comes to having lots of parts to keep up with your business. You can choose some apps to schedule your posts and send them out as per the desired posting schedule. All you need to upload the image for posting. Once a post is published, you will get a notification through email.

Consider Most-Liked Posts

Find out which posts are most likely to get the great level of exposure. These posts are more likely to get successful. You need to learn this metric because likes from the followers are the feedback that you have posted the ideal content. Find the things which are in common in the content which get positive feedback. This way, you will find out which post you can share with followers.

Set Realistic Goals to Direct Your Strategy

Setting goals for the engagement of users is the most effective and best way to keep track on your growth. A formula is posted by TrackMaven which is based on followers: likes ratio for Fortune 500 giants. Brands get around 37 likes for each photo on an average, for every 1000 followers. By considering this statistic, write down your existing followers count and multiply the same number by 37 and divide it by 1000. You will get the number of likes to target on your next posts.